Never a truer statement…

The astronaut Edgar Mitchell died recently. My friend Nancy shared this on Facebook from a website called “I F****** Love Science”.

A global perspective… if only.


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Two contrasting concerts: Lindi Ortega and Massive Attack

I went two concerts this week which were both brilliant, memorable. But utterly different experiences.

3 February, Brighton, Komedia: Lindi Ortega.

4 February, Brixton, O2 Academy: Massive Attack.

Lindi, a new favourite, whose music has been central to me over the past couple of years.

Massive Attack, old favourites, whose music has been central to me over the past couple of decades.

Random thoughts, during and after…

Like an old Tin Star
Cigarettes and Truckstops
Black dress, red boots
Faded Gloryville
I’m blessed to be on this stage
Bee Gees
Tears                                                                                                                                                             Look out California
Her signature
Champagne James Robertson
Ring of Fire with spaced out guitar
Red lips
The essence of something
Tell it like it is

Massive Attack                                                                                                                      Cinematic
Horace Andy
Inertia Creeps
Performance Art
Safe from Harm
Sitting changes things
Jamaica and Roma
In the shadows
Who’s who?
Two drummers
Girl I Love You
Ultimate fusion
Yeah we know bad things happen
Unfinished Symphony

Lindi succeeded on an emotional, immediate level. You were part of the experience. Massive Attack were a work of art, with an amazing soundtrack. To observe, admire, only occasionally really engage with on that emotional level. Or so I found on the night.

But the impact of both was strong. Two ends of my musical spectrum. Both treasured. Future memories.

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lovelondonscenes 110 – Sundown over the Thames at Hammersmith

I walked alongside the river for a bit yesterday, from Hammersmith to Chiswick – that’s where the Lemmy shots came from beforehand – and took these shots. It was around 4pm. Wow, nature is such a thing, isn’t it?




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lovelondonscenes 109 – Hammersmith Apollo salutes Lemmy

I was passing by the Hammersmith Apollo this afternoon, and saw that Motorhead had been due to play there on 29 and 30 January. The venue had marked the occasion. Quite a few people were stopping and taking photos. The affection for Lemmy amongst certain generations is strong.




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Have You Heard? – (71) “I’m on Fire” by Lindi Ortega, The Staves and, of course, Bruce

This post is inspired by prospect of the Lindi Ortega concert which I’m going to, in Brighton, next week. Can’t make her London show because I’m seeing Massive Attack the same night, and I bought those tickets a long time ago…

“I’m on Fire” is a song that was on Bruce Springsteen’s 1984 album, “Born in the USA”. The one that made him massive rather than big. The one that, in the UK, attracted the yuppies and made it one of the coffee table albums of that year. As a huge Bruce fan I reacted against that and didn’t really give the album a proper chance until much later. I now acknowledge its brilliance and that “I’m on Fire” is one of the great songs. A song about a burning passion, that is driving like a freight train through the subject’s head. A fire that is ready to burst out and ignite everything. But still repressed, latent. A burning, but unfulfilled desire.

Lindi Ortega and The Staves – two of my favourites as any reader of this blog will know -have covered the song. Lindi brings out the angst of that unfulfilled desire. The Staves bring out the beautiful melancholy. And then Bruce gives you the original take – a bit of 80s shininess in the production, rectified in live performance since then, but still imbued with that unfulfilled passion, and a hint of jealousy.

So here are videos of each rendition. I love them all. Different, except that they are all reaching out for that undefinable fulfilment, which expresses itself in melancholy, sometimes anger, self-pity, frustration. But the music has in it the seeds of the redemption, and at the very least, the consolation.

Enjoy the three versions if you have time.

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lovelondonscenes – 108

Northfields tube station at around 7.30 this morning. Even commuting can have its moments of beauty. No enhancements to the colour – just shot off the iPhone 5S.



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lovelondonscenes – 107 – Westminster Abbey in multi-colour

As part of the first London Lumiere festival, the front of Westminster Abbey is bathed in ever-changing lights at the moment. Should you be in the vicinity once it is dark, go take a look. It is entrancing. The lights change every few seconds.


And then, best of all, the Abbey lit up in the colours of West Ham. Come on you Irons!


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