My Top Ten – Air Guitar: the alt.selection (readers’ choice)

I’ve had so many fantastic responses to my air guitar classics top ten.  People just loving it, and others also offering alternative choices.  Exactly what I hoped would happen. So many that I hadn’t thought of, a few I didn’t even know about. And some that just missed out on my original selection. So today I thought, let’s do a Top Ten from all those suggestions.

So I went through all the brilliant comments and pulled out all the songs that people suggested. Way too many for a ten, but in the selection below, I’ve tried to capture the spirit of the suggestions.  If the band were in my previous selection – Metallica for example – I’ve left them out this time.  I’ve only allowed one song for any one band. And if I’m likely to do a top ten on them in the future – U2 and Prince and Bowie spring to mind – I’ve left them out of this top ten.

So after all that agonising, this is what makes the Top Ten from people who commented on my original blog.  Some of you might think it rocks harder than my original selection.  I wouldn’t deny it. There is so much to choose!

And SORRY to anyone whose choice hasn’t made it.  It’s a pretty random affair and I love them all.

So here goes….

10. Accept – Princess of the Dawn

I include this, not only because it is a good song, but because a blogger called Whatsitallaboutandotherstories did a very good top ten of her own in response to mine and this was her favourite track of all time.

9. Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train

Had a fair number of Ozzy suggestions. I’m not not an expert, but “Crazy Train” appealed to me most.

8. Deep Purple – Highway Star

One of the classic 70s metal bands.  This one is my favourite and was most suggested. But we can’t forget “Smoke on the Water”….

7. Judas Priest – Breaking The Law

Classic metal from the overblown genre.

6. Iron Maiden – Wasted Years

This was the most mentioned song, although my own fave is “Number of the Beast”. I’m representing the choices of the people here! Great band. West Ham fans – this is a good thing!

5. Slayer – Behind The Crooked Cross

You don’t do air guitar with Slayer, you do air sledgehammer.  This track is proof!

4. AC/DC – Riff Raff

There were a variety of AC/DC tracks put forward. “Hells Bells”, “Highway To Hell”, “It’s a Long Way To The Top…”, “Back In Black”. I chose “Riff Raff” because katkasia said that her husband was adamant that it was the best air guitar riff ever.  I loved the fact that she read my blog and then consulted her partner. Respect!

3. Van Halen – Erupt

This got a few mentions. I didn’t know it, I confess, but it is an absolute classic metal guitar work out, fingers going all over the fretboard. A wig out of a special kind.

2. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Freebird

This was a major candidate for my Top Ten.  It has one of the great slow builds and then guitar solo frenzy. Three guitarists in Skynyrd’s case, I think. A few people suggested it – I was only too happy to oblige!

1. Guns’n’Roses – Sweet Child o’ Mine

If there was a band that I should have found space for in my Top Ten, but didn’t, it was GNR. Other songs suggested in the comments included “Welcome To The Jungle” and and “Paradise City. Both brilliant, but I settled on “Sweet Child O’ Mine”. The solos soar and the rhythm rocks.  It is perfect heavy rock’n’roll.

What a selection!  And I’ve still had to leave so much out.  I’ve discovered some great new tracks, not all of which are in this ten.  Songs by Motley Crue (Kick Start My Heart) and Anthrax ( A.I.R), for example, which could so easily have been in the ten. Thanks to everyone who made suggestions. Please comment on this one too and…. do your own and share it with us!

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7 Responses to My Top Ten – Air Guitar: the alt.selection (readers’ choice)

  1. David says:

    Here’s a very outside the main one…but the last maybe three minutes of “A forest” by the cure is just guitar magic…incredible live…

  2. Osama Rahman says:

    So if you ever start allowing a second song from an artist, would include this live version of Cinnamon Girl. The jawas dancing around on stage on the other hand I have no idea about!

  3. good to see GnR make it to the top. Surprisingly forgot to mention it last time!!

  4. John S says:

    Yeah, Sweet Child O’Mine really is a brilliant song. In retrospect, I’d probably try to squeeze it into my top ten. But then I just don’t know what I’d leave out!

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