Sportsthoughts (73) – In praise of Fergie?

Sir Alex Ferguson has announced his retirement. It looks like David Moyes of Everton is his successor – hewn from the same Scottish block.

Like most football fans not of the Man Utd persuasion, I’m normally at best ambiguous about the club and the manager, in an envious football fan way. But today is not the time to dwell on that.

I just want to say that Fergie has been a magnificent manager of Man Utd – and Aberdeen before them, and we should all acknowledge that. His passion for the game, his love of attacking football – always United’s ethos – has been admirable over all the years of dominance. His success in terms of titles and trophies is obviously unarguable. He is the best manager of all time, in this country.

What I’ve admired over the years is how he has regenerated the United team. Never resting on laurels, always thinking ahead. Not just in the way he’s changed players, but in the way he’s brought in staff to assist him. This is where the contrast with Arsene Wenger at Arsenal is so acute. Wenger is the whole show – all are subordinate and don’t change much. As a result, relative stagnation. Fergie appears to be much more of a delegator, much more willing to bring in people with fresh ideas. It has worked brilliantly.

Phew! That’s as much praise as I can give Sir Alex and the Reds in one go.  I feel almost traitorous. But today is a day to acknowledge greatness. And Sir Alex Ferguson has undeniably been great.

Even if you hate him and his team, you cannot deny that.

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2 Responses to Sportsthoughts (73) – In praise of Fergie?

  1. dc says:

    i thought he’d hang on and try and win a champions league title in style which he never managed.
    considering their domestic dominance the champs league record was not very impressive. I think Moyes is a good choice- feel a bit for Everton as they will now lose their best players- Baines and Fellaini will probably end up at Utd. Not sure what this all means for Rooney as I think there may be some bad history between him and Moyes.

    • John S says:

      The more possession-based Champions League football is always a challenge for English clubs, because of the frantic nature of the Premier League. I guess Fergie wanted to spring a surprise rather than face endless media speculation. I thought maybe they’d decided to make a bid for Mourinho, but evidently not. I’m pleased to see Moyes given a chance at the very top. Not that I can wish him great success though!

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