The Royal Academy summer exhibition

The Royal Academy has been holding a summer exhibition for 247 years. And this was the first one that I’ve been to! I’m not sure why why I’ve never been before – just never got around to it, I guess. But now I’m a “Friend” there’s more incentive.

All I can say is that I thought it was amazing. A cornucopia of art. Vivid, varied, extraordinary, inspiring. In keeping with tradition, but evolving as time moves on.

I’ll just let the art do the talking, with a few of my favourites. Photos were permitted.

The exhibition is on until 16 August.


First thing you see. Captcha No11 (Doryphoros) – Matthew Darbyshire




Homage a Henri – Vanessa Jackson



Can’t or Won’t – Christopher le Brun


Room III – the pink walls really brought out the vibrancy of the paintings



Mississippi river blues – Richard Long


Noon Fishing – Mick Moon, painted on wood that looks like water


From bottom left clockwise: Reigning Apps and Blogs – Derek Boshier; Stradella – Mali Morris; Untitled – David Remfry; Tree No7 – Tony Bevan



Morning – Rose Hilton



Uist – Jock Mcfadyen



Calton Hill – Jock McFadyen



Feast of the Gods II, after Bellini and Titian – Elise Ansell



Top : Total Eclipse of the Landscape – Will Alsop; Bottom: Now Is Here – Louisa Hutton



Canvey Island – Gold Mine Model – Nick Clear, Mike Aling, Hyun Jun Park, Simon Withers



Colony – January – Barbara Rae



Walking in the Rain, Seoul – Julian Opie



The Birds/ A Second Marriage – Anthony Green


Babel London (After Bruegel) – Emily Allchurch



Swimmers (Diptych) – Ivor Abrahams




Triangle Painting – Alan Charlton; Fictions 3 (Invisible Cities) – Tim Head



Small Spin, Reserve, Hide, Look, Slew, Collect – Antony Gormley


So much to spur the imagination. So much to admire. I’ll be trying to go back before the exhibition ends, and get a different take, no doubt.




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  1. Resa says:

    What can I say? I’d love to do an Art Gown for their display! ❤

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