Have You Heard? – (70) “Light on our Limbs” by Daisy Vaughan

So we had one beautiful album earlier this week with Astrid Williamson – this is even better! I first heard Daisy Vaughan on Marc Riley (BBC 6 Music) back in September. The track was “Earth, Let Me In”. I thought, this is rather lovely, made a note of it and then forgot about it. Earlier this week I caught up with some of those accumulated notes and downloaded the 7 track album (EP?), “Light on our Limbs”. I’ve hardly listened to anything else since.

It’s a spare, echoey sound, atmospheric and absolutely gorgeous. Apart from a delicately picked guitar it is all about Daisy Vaughan’s voice. It’s haunting almost; tremulous and so beautiful. Every track is good, but I guess the title track at the end is my favourite – for now. I still love the first one I heard, “Earth, Let Me In” too. And there’s a song called “Ya Esta”, sung in Spanish, which is entrancing.

It might be categorised as folk, but it’s not really. I’d say it is in the same territory as Ben Howard on his first album, maybe Ellie Gould early on, too. I hear hints of Joni Mitchell and perhaps Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins.

Some quick research tells me that Daisy is from Norwich and is 18 years old. She puts poetry on her website too. I can hear the metallists mocking, but this is wonderful music, to be enjoyed by anyone. I’ve included a Soundcloud link which has four tracks from the album. Give it a whirl.

I’m kicking myself that she was at Latitude and I didn’t go to see her. She was on at the Lavish Lounge around 1.30 on Sunday. Easy one to miss. And I was watching Duke Garwood at the time, who was awesome.

I’ll be interested to see what she does next.


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2 Responses to Have You Heard? – (70) “Light on our Limbs” by Daisy Vaughan

  1. Beautiful! But I’m curious – what’s with the ‘metallists mocking’?

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