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Sportsthoughts (155) – Deadly December!

December, rather than April, is the cruellest month when it comes to the Premier League – for managers. With the transfer window in January looming in January, chairmen start to question whether they want the current manager in post to … Continue reading

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Sportsthoughts (153) – Time for those Premier League predictions!

It’s that that time again, to try to predict the outcome of a Premier League which becomes more unpredictable with every season. Last year was the most extraordinary, with Leicester City, one of the favourites for relegation when the season … Continue reading

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Sportsthoughts (147) – Meeting two West Ham and England heroes

A week or so ago, I went with a few friends to a charity dinner, to celebrate the impending 50th anniversary of England’s one and only World Cup final triumph. Blimey, fifty years since we have won anything! Before the … Continue reading

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Sportsthoughts (146) – Two great days of sport: Cheltenham, Chelsea v West Ham and England’s Grand Slam

Yes, two great days of sports viewing, with a decent amount of beer and wine drinking thrown in! Sometimes it just has to be done… On Friday, just gone, I took the day off work, with a few friends, to … Continue reading

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Sportsthoughts (144) – The genius of Dimitri Payet

West Ham have a new hero. A midfielder with such skill – and passion – that he ranks with the greats of our club. I’m talking midfield creatives here, so the World Cup 66 trio aren’t involved. We are talking … Continue reading

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lovelondonscenes – 107 – Westminster Abbey in multi-colour

As part of the first London Lumiere festival, the front of Westminster Abbey is bathed in ever-changing lights at the moment. Should you be in the vicinity once it is dark, go take a look. It is entrancing. The lights … Continue reading

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Sportsthoughts (142) – Premier League at Half Time

19 games gone and 2015 almost at an end. A good time to review those predictions and speculate a little about the second half of the season. Well, in August I was finding it hard to see beyond Chelsea for … Continue reading

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