lovelondonscenes 116 – the Nova development, Victoria

My office used to be in Bressenden Place, near Victoria station. I’m now on Millbank by the river. I walk up to Victoria Street from time to time – it takes about 15 minutes – but usually through the quiet back streets. So I hadn’t really noticed the latest state of the building development just opposite the station. I once wrote a blog about this, musing about how buildings ever get built, as there seem to be a lot of men standing around doing nothing on site. But built they are. Earlier this week, in beautiful autumn sunshine, one of the towers loomed before me, as I walked up Vauxhall Bridge Road. You can call this a monstrosity, out of keeping with its surroundings, or a rather stunning building, whose outer surface seems to ripple in the sunlight.

I’ll go for the latter!




By the way, when I wrote the earlier blog, I thought Victoria was on the Crossrail route. It isn’t! This is an entirely commercial development, though I think it will also provide new access to Victoria station. Hope so – it has been an utter shambles for years.

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8 Responses to lovelondonscenes 116 – the Nova development, Victoria

  1. Dood says:

    Yes, I like that, and it will be good to see it for real.

    You’re right about the local disruption, which has been endless and appalling – and I don’t even work there. I always think it’s consoling to look at these massive London hubs when the work is done, and to realise that the effort was worth it. This is palpably the case with Kings Cross/St Pancras, which, north of the Marylebone Road, is now one of the city’s most stunning spaces.

    And soon, of course, we will see the Crossrail sites start to emerge. Quick reminder of the route!

    A diabolical journey like Terminal 4 to Farringdon (near where I currently work) will come down to 38 minutes. Amazing.

    Apologies to your international friends for these nerdy local thoughts. Timmy the Trainspotter signing off

  2. dc says:

    grotesque-poor Prince Charles -what must he think?

  3. Dood says:

    Actually, looking at them again, the sides of that building look eerily like the walls of the World Trade Center. I dare say that, up close, they don’t look anything like that at all.

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