lovelondonscenes 136 – Heavy skies in central London – the Ophelia effect

The British Isles caught the late throes of Hurricane Ophelia today. Ireland got the full force. London, tucked away in England’s south east corner, escaped the worst, but still had a very windy day and some strange skies. They’ve been widely reported – the unusually red glow of the sun to the fore. This, apparently, was due to dust from the Sahara, thrown in our direction by the storm.

There was a weird feeling in the atmosphere this afternoon. It was grey and strangely dark for the time of day, but the grey felt heavy, with a hint of pink and yellow. It was that Macbeth feeling – all feels unnatural. It was the talk of the office. I walked out of the office; it was the talk in the lift as I came back in. An American colleague said it was like when they were waiting for a tornado. That didn’t happen; but for us, with our rather moderate weather, this was a strange day.

I  took a few photos outside with my iPhone 5S. They all looked a bit standard grey, which was not what the eye was transmitting. I’ve slightly enhanced them to bring them closer to what I was seeing.


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3 Responses to lovelondonscenes 136 – Heavy skies in central London – the Ophelia effect

  1. Dood says:

    Nice work, John. And you’re right – your eye caught what the iPhone couldn’t see. Those enhancements look just about right.

    I was at a meeting in the City, and walked for a couple of miles afterwards to take it all in. Strangers were stopping to comment upon it – most unLondonlike. The really odd thing was that it felt like something more than purely visual – an atmosphere, somehow, that seemed to embrace you. Strange, but not sinister: I actually thought rather thrilling.

  2. Dood says:

    I wonder too. On Threadneedle Street, one guy said to another “Look! Now the birds are all flying upwards”, which sounds a bit random now – but at that moment it seemed slightly mystical and exciting.

    All very odd, but pleasurable rather than troubling. The power of suggestion, somehow?

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