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Reflections on the Trump inauguration

At work today we had a Trump inauguration party. I wouldn’t call it a celebration of Trump, but it was a celebration of America. We brought American food and drinks and watched with heavy hearts as the Obamas departed, and … Continue reading

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Oh England!

I live and die through England, Through England, It leaves a sadness. (“England” by PJ Harvey) It’s democracy for sure… but oh England, what have you done? A vote for isolation, division, racism, hatred. A deluded vote that doesn’t recognise … Continue reading

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Safety in numbers!

Today Kath and I, with our friends Jon and Maggie, walked along the Thames path from Cholsey downstream to Tilehurst, just outside Reading. Some very beautiful scenes, which I’ll post later this week; but I loved this scene of some … Continue reading

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Never a truer statement…

The astronaut Edgar Mitchell died recently. My friend Nancy shared this on Facebook from a website called “I F****** Love Science”. A global perspective… if only.

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The Importance of the European Union

If you have an aversion for political commentary, look away! Not party political – I don’t do that because of my job. This was prompted by my experience these last two days. I’ve just been to Zagreb, in Croatia, to … Continue reading

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Er, I’ve changed my mind…

You know what? I’ve calmed down after my battle with the photo uploads at the weekend. And I thought, how am I not going to have a top ten of 2015, or say something about England v France at Wembley tonight? … Continue reading

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Taking a break from WordPress

Dear All, I’ve reached a point where these blogs are becoming a bit of an effort. At the same time the system isn’t allowing me to load photos as I would wish. I’ve been battling to load New York Pt … Continue reading

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Choosing a book cover

Tonight Brian Eno gave a brilliant talk at the BBC 6 Music annual John Peel lecture. His theme was the importance of art and culture and that it wasn’t just about contributing to GDP or getting a job. Early on … Continue reading

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An Ode to London – ten years ago, ten years on

This is a piece that I have written for my music book. The bit in italics is what I wrote on the night of 7/7, 2005, when many innocent people lost their lives or were injured, in my beloved city. … Continue reading

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A Song For Easter

Easter Sunday. In the Christian calendar, the day of hope, rebirth, resurrection. Even if you don’t subscribe to the story, this time of year, in our northern location, is a time of renewal. The four day break, the school holidays, give … Continue reading

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